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Ready for the Main Feature!

Ready for the Main Feature

September saw the introduction of a new activity – the Wessex Care Silver Screen Wednesday!

Residents from Kimberly West and Holmwood attended a special Wednesday morning screening at the Salisbury Odeon, taking along snacks of crisps and chocolate bars. Many could not remember the last time they had been out to the movies and were excited about the trip.

The movie, title Churchill, which was set during the preparations for D-Day and the liberation of France, revealed the real man behind the public face of Sir Winston Churchill.

The residents said that, by showing how Mr Churchill had felt before the D-Day landings, the film had shed a new light on his character and demonstrated how courageous he was. Resident, Dorothy Sheath, said that, although it had brought back memories of the war, she had enjoyed the movie.

Back in their respective homes they told all their friends about the trip and, due to the interest generated, Wessex Care will now run a monthly Silver Screen trip for residents.



A hearty meal and great company

A hearty meal and great company

Sunshine and an air of excitement filled the garden at Holmwood as residents and their families gathered for the annual Summer BBQ over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Decorations and music added to the party atmosphere and everyone chatted over drinks whilst the delicious smell of cooking from the BBQ hinted at the hearty meal to come.

Beautiful songs by Vera Lynn prompted memories of days gone by and resident, John Grant, told stories of his days in India with the Royal Air Force and his experiences working alongside Lord Mountbatten.

Following the lovely meal, glasses were topped up and the guests split into two groups to compete in a quiz. After lots of conspiratorial whispering the quiz went to a final tie-break and the winners celebrated with their prize of chocolates to accompany their white wine and Baileys.

The event closed with a raffle and lucky seat prizes that reminded residents of previous get-togethers and winning raffles at local pubs. Several families lingered over drinks, enjoying the sunny afternoon as they reminisced about how they used to spend their Summer holidays.

Everyone agreed that they had had a thoroughly enjoyable day!



Flower Arranging at Holmwood

Flower Arranging at Holmwood

Although some of our residents prefer the privacy of their own rooms rather than spending time in the communal lounge areas, Wessex Care are keen that everyone should still be able to enjoy their hobbies and activities.

For Holmwood residents Hazel and Jennifer, who have both been keen gardeners in the past, Monday is now Flower Arranging day – all in the comfort of their own rooms!

Hazel eagerly anticipates the arrival of her bunch of flowers and, as she arranges them in a vase, chats about the different plants she had in her own garden. She always enjoyed the scents and colours of the Summer season best of all, especially when friends visited for afternoon tea and swapped tips on keeping their plants in tip-top condition. She commented that, even though she finds it difficult to move around, she looks forward to the weekly flower arranging sessions.

For Jennifer, the flowers are a reminder of her family and garden where it was a joy to sit admiring the flowers in large wooden chairs with a cup of tea or glass of lemonade and cakes.

Other activities for Holmwood residents include gentle exercise sessions, live music activities, quizzes and bingo and, for the more adventurous, pub lunches and theatre visits.



Chinese Buffet at The Dragon Restaurant

Chinese Buffet at The Dragon Restaurant

Holmwood residents decided that their Friday outing on 12th May, would involve a more exotic restaurant selection.

Susan Shipton’s suggestion of a Chinese buffet was enthusiastically received at the weekly residents’ meeting. There was an air of excitement as other residents recalled treasured family trips to Chinese restaurants and dishes including pork ribs, stir-fry and Chinese crackers.

After a little research the Dragon Restaurant in Salisbury was selected and the group braved the drizzly weather to sample a lovely spread for their buffet lunch accompanied by beer and soft drinks. Resident, Betty Jones, who usually enjoys reading and watching TV, said that she was happy she had decided to join the outing.

Residents are able to go out at other times during the week if they fancy a change and Rodney Corner had recently made a trip to the Anooka Restaurant where he enjoyed a delicious lamb curry with his favourite beer. He said, “It’s always lovely to go out and have a meal, especially getting into town and seeing the hive of activities.”

Rodney enjoying his curry with a beer

Rodney enjoying his curry with a beer

Plans are already afoot for the Summer Season with outings to the Salisbury Playhouse, Orchestral Concerts, Museums, Market Days and some nearby gardens on the schedule.



St Patrick's Day lunch

St Patrick’s Day lunch

St Patrick’s Day has become something of a tradition at the Wessex Care Homes and this year was no exception!

With all the dining rooms decorated in a sea of green, orange and white, the residents enjoyed a special lunch menu with a selection of Irish dishes accompanied by Baileys and wines.
The great memories of past celebrations in and around Salisbury soon began to roll:-
Resident, Christopher, told how a pint or two at the pub was the usual custom after work on the Saint’s Day, “It was always a joyous occasion for us and, for our married mates, an excuse to be out with their workmates or friends at the pubs.” He said that Salisbury was always a hive of activities during these celebrations and he hoped it still continues today.

Lunch was followed by a light-hearted quiz on the life of St Patrick and Betty Knapp took the prize for answering the most questions correctly. “I am really surprised and it never occurred to me that I knew so much of Ireland and St Patrick until I was told I had won,” she said.



Admiring the pictures in the Drawing Room

Admiring the pictures in the Drawing Room

The rain and cold could not dampen the spirits of a group of residents and Welfare Assistants from Little Manor, Kimberly and Holmwood as they wrapped up warmly and headed off for the recent Antiques Fair at Wilton House.

Visiting on the first day of the 3-day event at nearby Wilton House the group were very impressed with the beautiful setting and grandeur of the house. They meandered through The Cloisters where many stall-holders displayed rich variety of goods – everything from antique jewellery to rugs – which were quite a sight to behold!

By mid morning the House was filling up with antique lovers and so, after admiring the collection of pictures and sketches in the Drawing Room, the group adjourned for lunch at the Greyfisher Pub where fish and chips followed by chocolate cake was the dish of the day. The chatter continued over tea and coffee as everyone looked forward to future outings.

A chocolatey treat!

A chocolatey treat!

On her first visit out for a little while, Holmwood resident, Betty Jones, said, “I really enjoyed myself and I’m thankful that I came. I’ve made new friends with residents from the other homes and will definitely await the next trip.”



Waiting for 'Curtains Up'

Waiting for “Curtains up”

Residents from Little Manor, Kimberly and Holmwood, along with Welfare Assistants Kellie and Nicola, thoroughly enjoyed their long anticipated trip to the Salisbury Playhouse for the Saturday matinee on 23rd February.

They went to see The Worst Wedding Ever, a slapstick comedy written by Chris Chibnell. The play tells the story of Rachel and Scott’s plans for a lavish wedding that doesn’t quite go as originally planned when finances become tight. The resulting fiasco involves a marquee in the back garden, the local pub band and two, almost functioning, portable toilets.

Resident, Dorothy Sheath, said, “It is just so nice to come out on a Saturday and enjoy such outings.” Betty Knapp added that she had loved the live band because the singers had really beautiful voices.

After much laughter the trip concluded with coffee and cake in the Playhouse restaurant before returning home for supper.

Kellie said that the residents watched the play from the Wheelchair Balcony adding, “This was a lovely experience for some of the residents who had missed visiting the theatre – they are now looking forward to more outings soon.”



Salvation Army Salisbury staff Martin with the presents from the Knitting Club members.

Salvation Army Salisbury staff Martin with the presents from the Knitting Club members.

The Holmwood Knitting Club started in October last year and the members were very excited to start with a project to Knit Christmas present for charity .
Last month, the staff from Salisbury Salvation Army received eight scarves and nine woollen hats from the residents and they were very happy with the gift.
Salvation army staff Martin said they were honoured and happy that the residents had chosen them to give their presents to last year.
“Please extend my sincere appreciation to the ladies for such a lovely gesture and thank them so very much” he said.
The residents had agreed to give the presents to Salvation Army because they helped a lot of people in need and especially clothed them in this very cold weather.
Resident and club member Patricia said the woollen scarves and hats would help those who need them during this cold weather.
“Salvation Army is always helping out a lot of people and especially the homeless,” she said.
The members have started on their new project for this year two weeks ago knitting twiddle muffs for those suffering from serious dementia.
The residents will be donating the first batch of twiddle muffs to the residents at Milford Manor and will be assisted by Jo from Care Liaison to put everything together.
There has been new residents that have started joining the club and it has become a major hit at the home.


Joyce and Susan enjoying the party with their drinks.

Joyce and Susan enjoying the party with their drinks.

THE residents Christmas Party was thoroughly enjoyed by the residents from the five homes of Wessex Care this year.
Last week, Kimberly House had their party on the first week of December while Little Manor and Castle View had theirs on the second week.
It was enjoyed by the residents as they had a buffet of finger foods to choose from and selection of their choice of drinks.
But at Holmwood , it was a full house as the residents filled the lounge to be part of the Alive entertainment and enjoy their party.
Chairs from the dining room had to be brought into the lounge to cater for the large number and music, quizzes and sing alongs made the party more exciting.
The residents enjoyed their glasses of beer, Bailey”s, gin and tonic and red wine and tapped their feets to the various Christmas songs that they sang long to.
Resident Joyce said she made a lot of new friends at the party and enjoyed their companionship since she had been at the home for a few weeks now.
“Some of these residents I have seen for the first time but it is a pleasure to meet them and we should have more of this kind of meetings,” she said.
They enjoyed the selection of buffet finger foods especially the mince pies which many said went well with their drinks.
In between the drinking, eating and entertainment, there were raffle prizes for the residents who were given a ticket each in the morning.
Most of the residents that came to the lounge received a raffle prize and they waited patiently for the numbers to be called out throughout the party.
It was after 4pm when most of them went back to their rooms to have a rest and was so grateful for a time out to have a few drinks and chat with their friends.


Holmwood residents with volunteer Lynda at the Grey Fisher .

Holmwood residents with volunteer Lynda at the Grey Fisher .

IT was a day out they had been looking forward to since and last month they enjoyed mouth watering roast and grilled dishes at The Greyfisher in Salisbury.
Holmwood Residential Home residents enjoyed their meals, puddings and drinks of their choice with the crowded Christmas lunch hour parties at the pub.
Resident Dorothy said it was something really nice to come out as residents to eat .
“I really enjoyed myself and having Bailey”s with my meal with Christmas songs on the background just brings back a lot of memories,” she said.
She said it was more fun dining out and seeing a lot of people coming to enjoy their own Christmas lunches.
Most of the residents had the famous Grilled mix and the Steak and chips dishes and washed it down with orange juice and Bailey”s.
The Christmas pudding and Caramel mix was the icing on the cake for them as they made sure they finished it off and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Resident Christopher said he always loved going out for a meal with his friends during those days and now the pubs have become very homely and the food are really good.


Resident Christopher with a member of the cast of the Winter Trail at the Salisbury Cathedral.

Resident Christopher with a member of the cast of the Winter Trail at the Salisbury Cathedral.

It was an emotional night for most of the residents as they witnessed the first ever Christmas Winter Trail at the Salisbury Cathedral on Deccember 18 last year.
This year the Salisbury Cathedral put together a Christmas themed Winter Trail that includes the involvement of some of the residents around Salisbury and some schools to work together on the initiative.
It is a reminisce about their childhood memories of how they enjoyed the winter.
The residents at Holm wood were excited about the outing since the starting of the week and ON Sunday they were all eagerly waiting to have their supper and taken down to the Salisbury Cathedral.
Resident Christine said she always loved going to the Salisbury Cathedral because it was such a special place.
“I had told my sons about going to watch the Winter Trail and was excited to see the snowflakes that we had done in September to be up at the Cathedral,” she said.
Four of the residents with two staff and one of the residents daughter left the home after 6pm and the show started at 6.30pm.
More than 70 residents, families and children waited anxiously outside the Cathedral until two bubbly women dressed in white came, welcomed everyone and asked all those attending to assemble at the foyer outside.
Everyone was given sweet caster drink to keep out the cold before they were ushered into the side entrance of the cathedral and did some paper chains before a ballet dancer and a singer performed a Christmas number.
Then, the group were taken to the back of the Cathedral that had the display of the snowflakes all those participated had done up and written their Christmas messages on.
Resident Lucinda said it was very emotional during the entertainment and seeing the snowflakes hanging in a beautiful arrangement from the ceiling while many told stories their best cherished memories of Christmas.
They were later led to the front of the church and told to circle around a grand piano while the pianist played Christmas carols for sing alongs which most residents danced to with other members of the production team.
Resident Christopher said it was a magical moment and loved dancing with the women because the songs brought back so much memories.
The night ended with the group being given small Christmas bells as presents and thanked for their attendance on the night.
As for the residents that attended, the story was told and re- told to their friends, relatives and family members that visited them at the home.


Resident Irene Palmer being wished Happy Birthday by the residents and the family members.

Resident Irene Palmer being wished Happy Birthday by the residents and the family members.

It was one of those parties that most of the residents came out in numbers to enjoy the lovely weather, friendly company and delicious barbeque on August 13.
Holmwood Residential hosted their residents, families and staff to a delicious bbq out in the garden to enjoy the summer.
The garden was decked with colourful bun ties, balloons and with music in the background it was a hive of activities for the late bbq lunch.
Most of the family members were at the home by 12pm and were given drinks of their choice to enjoy while waiting for the lunch at 1pm.
It was also a god time for catching up for the residents and their families and for some of them since their parents have been at the home for some time have become friends and know relatives of other residents.
Lunch was served by the staff and drinks of wine, baileys, beer, Pimms and soft drinks were overflowing while the residents ate and some of the families enjoyed their drinks before having their lunch.
Resident Pauline said it was a happy day because she had people that she loved with her.
“Even the dark clouds after lunch did not affect the party spirit and our laughter,” she said.
After lunch, they were divided into three groups which included residents, families and staff and had quiz on the Olympic Games which group one took the prize and there was much laughter at all the tables.
The day got more exciting with raffle prizes with everyone picking a raffle ticket earlier and eagerly waited for the numbers to be called out.
Resident Lucy said it was exciting to know they would be winning a prize and they kept their tickets safely,
“ I was so happy when I won a bottle of wine and gave it to my daughter”, she said.
The day ended with singing happy birthday to one of the resident and it was a very emotional time for her and her family.
The residents, family members and staff ended the day on a high with lovely food an abundance of drinks and everyone looking forward to the next summer party.


Kimberly Home residents and staff enjoying their lunch.

Kimberly Home residents and staff enjoying their lunch.

The large turnout of residents at the group lunch at Wheatsheaf Inn in Woodford showed their enthusiasm for the monthly get together by the five homes.
Residents from Castle View, Kimberly, Little Manor and Holmwood arrived before 1pm at the Inn and were excited to see the wooden seating outside in the garden.
The Holmwood residents chose the inside of the Inn which was quite comfortable for them and the rest of the residents followed suit.
There were excited comments being made after they were offered with the menu and they had quite a time looking through the menu to get the dish they wanted to eat because there was so much to choose from.
“oh, my when they told me that I could have anything from the menu, it just brought back memories of dining out with my family.
“ It is a really exciting experience to choose your own dish and especially while dining out,” says Holmwood resident Lucy.
She said the monthly outings by the home was something she totally looked forward to and would always tell the residents at the home about it when she went back.
The seadfood basket and chips and bacon dishes were a hit by the residents and this was followed by the tropical trifle and fruit salad for dessert which they thoroughly enjoyed.
Most of the residents said the outing was a good time for them to see residents from the other homes.
“ It is good that we get to meet each other and having lunches out like this is very good,” they said.
The day ended with some having a cup of tea after their scrumptious meal and they sat outside at the tables while waiting for their taxis.
It was a fun filled day and stories were told to the residents that did not attend who are eagerly waiting for the next monthly outing.