With Wessex Care, you’ll really feel at home

Ask the people who live with us what sets our care homes apart and you’re likely to receive an answer that’s as different and individual as the person to whom you’re talking.

It could be the setting, not isolated or remote, but conveniently close to family, friends and the community of Salisbury as a whole. Maybe the gardens will be a special pleasure, or their spotlessly clean and comfortable room where they can always be themselves. Mealtimes may well be mentioned, when the food is fresh and tasty, and the menus varied with their help.

Some may talk about the activities and events, the chance to pursue an existing interest, discover something new or just sit back and enjoy the entertainment that’s been arranged.  For others, being asked for their opinions will doubtless count, so changes that might affect them are never introduced until they’ve been discussed and agreed.  For just about everybody, it’s the staff who make such a difference, taking the time and trouble to get to know them as an individual and understand what really makes them tick.

There are, of course, some things that come up over and again.  Knowing that their privacy, dignity and independence are all equally important; knowing their safety, comfort and well-being are all of equal concern; knowing they’ll always be treated with respect and, above all, always treated as a person.

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