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For general, community services and vacancy enquiries, please call our head office on
01722 336933.

If you wish to talk to a specific home, please call the relevant number below.

Wessex Care

11 Tollgate Road
Phone: 01722 336933
Fax: 01722 337347

Company Registration No.: 4677336

Telephone, Mobile Phone, Computer & CCTV (where fitted) Recording
• Data Protection Act 1998
• Regulation of Investigation Powers Act 2000
• Private Security Industry Act 2001
• 2008 CCTV Code of Practice
• the Health & Social Care Act 2008 (regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 with Care Quality Commission; ‘Using Surveillance’ guidance December 2014 (updated with new regulations in June 2015)
• Human Rights Act 1998.

CCTV are recorded and digitally stored at all times for:
1. The Establishing existence of facts for significant incidents, accidents, complaints, employment conduct, and safeguarding investigations.
2. To be used as evidence in support or denial of allegations of misconduct made against employees.
3. To be used as evidence in support or denial of allegations regarding the behaviour between residents or between residents and visitors or between visitors and employees.
4. To establish clear independent and impartial evidence regarding the care, welfare and safety of residents in particular reference to our legal responsibilities contained within the Care Act 2015 and in relation to the Care Quality Commission, Local Authority, and Clinical Commission Group inspections and or investigations.
5. To inform the understanding and development support to individual and group multi- agency multi-disciplinary care plans.
6. Detection of a crime or evidence for a criminal investigation.
7. Detection of unauthorised and or criminal use of Wessex Care’s premises and or communications systems. To be used as evidence that Wessex Care premises and our communication systems have been used for alternative purposes other than for the purposes the business and the homes registration intended.
8. Training and professional development. To be used to support individual employee and the team of employees at Milford Manor in the pursuance of professional development with or without the involvement of their professional multi-agency, multi-disciplinary colleagues
9. Monitoring the security of the building

All recordings remain at all times the property of Wessex Care.


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