All the help you need to live the life you want

Uniquely, as well as our residential care homes in Salisbury, we also provide domiciliary care – with a comprehensive range of services to help people retain their independence and continue living in the community.

We can help with virtually every aspect of daily life – from washing and dressing to shopping decorating, DIY or the like, providing freshly prepared meals and doing the laundry, taking the dog for a walk or using the internet, tidying the garden, filling in forms and much, much more besides.

However we’re involved, you’ll soon notice that we do things very differently.  For instance, all of our staff are salaried – not on zero hour contracts that seem to be the norm elsewhere – so they’re not rushing from one appointment to the next, not rationing their time once they arrive, not a different, unfamiliar face every time you open the door.

Instead, you’ll have a professional with the time and inclination to really get to know the person they’re helping; who’s able to call in exactly when they’re needed most; who’s always ready and willing to do that little more.

On top of all that, you’ll also know that our residential care homes can provide another option too – whether it’s popping in for lunch, spending time with other people or enjoying a few day’s break to give carers a well-earned rest. And if permanent residential care ever becomes necessary, you can forget about interminable waiting lists, and go straight to the front of the queue for a place in one of our care homes.

Needless to say, before we do anything, we sit down with everyone involved and work out precisely what’s needed in the way of help and support.  And we’ll go on doing that month in, month out to make sure that however your circumstances change, life will always be as simple and enjoyable as possible.

“I would like to thank each & every member of your team for their high level of care & support whilst I was off my feet. I can’t praise highly enough the level of help provided from you. My sincere thanks to all concerned.”

54 year old gentlemen that the Community Care team looked after whilst recovering from a complex foot fracture.

“Thank you all for your kindness to me at such a sad and difficult time.  I appreciated it so much it was heartening. Thank you too for the flowers they really did help me to cope at such a hard time.  I am still enjoying them, now a little depleted but they are a reminder of your kindness and support when I needed it so much.”
From customer’s wife

“Very many thanks for looking after my father so well for nearly a year. I know he could be difficult at times, but you always managed to calm him down and leave on a cheerful note. We miss you all, as you became part of the family, even involving us at Christian’s wedding etc. He also appreciated all the little gifts and watching the videos.  Keep up the good work. It’s not just a job it’s a dedication. Anytime you’re passing, do pop in – we’d love to see you..”
From Customer’s wife and family

“We really miss you all. You became part of the family. Whenever you’re passing, just pop in. We’d love to see you any time.”
From Customer’s wife and family

“Thank you for all that you have done for Mum, she loved you all dearly. You truly are our Guardian Angels”
Customers Family